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Christian Aubry est un communicateur d'expérience qui a pour mission de dynamiser les communications internes et externes de Savoir-faire Linux. Il rédige ou collabore à la rédaction de nombreux billets de blogues, contenus Web, publications de médias sociaux ainsi qu'à la planification de divers événements.


On October 12, 2013, we had the pleasure to host the annual Gnome Summit in Montreal and, in the evening, we organized a community meet-up in our offices. Gnome core developers and local hackers met, had food, a couple of drinks and quite a lot fun together. The event was supposed to end around 9:00 PM but, finally, it lasted beyond 11:00 PM. :-)

During the meet-up Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation, kindly answered our questions about the Gnome Summit and the state of Open Source in the world. In this interview she explains why the annual « Boston » Summit now takes place every second year in Montreal, and briefly presents the main technical issues that were on the agenda during the weekend — especially desktop accessibility. Finally, she shares her thoughts on the state of Open Source in the world and how much work still has to be done to live in a better digital world.

The Montreal Gnome Summit 2013 was sponsored by the FQCIL (Quebec Free Software Community and Industry Federation) and Savoir-faire Linux. You can read more in our previous post.

The 13th annual summit of developers and contributors of the GNOME desktop environment and graphical user interface for GNU/Linux will be held on Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in Montreal. Host sponsor Savoir-faire Linux is delighted that CRIM agreed to host this important community event.

The « Boston » Montréal GNOME Summit 2013 is a three-day hackfest for a small group of GNOME developers and contributors that will work together on getting things done. For local developers familiar with GNOME code and seriously wishing to get involved, this is a great opportunity to meet with this community.

Savoir-faire Linux, together with the FQCIL, is pleased to invite representatives of the Free Software industries and communities to a networking cocktail offered at its Montreal headquarters on Saturday October 12, starting at 06:00 PM.

RSVP – Please register online before October 11 at 04:00 PM:

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Jonathan Clarke - Normation - CFEngine

This coming September, Normation‘s CTO Jonathan Clarke* will travel from Paris (France) to Montreal in order to give a 3-day modular training session on CFEngine 3** at Savoir-faire Linux. Our CFEngine Practice Leader Jean Rémond had a talk with him over a Google video chat recently. Jonathan provided him insight into the training syllabus tailored to the needs of system administrators seriously interested to get their hands on this popular open source configuration management system.

a11yLa vidéo est sous-titrée en français ↗  cc  ↗ English captions available

» Read more about CFEngine on Wikipedia.
» Learn more about the training on the CFEngine website.
» Register to this North-American session on Evenbrite.

About The Instructor

Jonathan Clarke has already trained hundreds of people and he is one of the few CFEngine Champions worldwide. You may follow him on Twitter where he is known as @jooooooon42.

About CFEngine

In short, CFEngine is an open source software that aims to provide automated configuration of large-scale computer systems and a unified management interface for servers, desktops, networked devices, smartphones, and tablet computers. The editor is based in Norway and reports 10 millions servers under management in more than 100 countries, including those of many of the world’s largest organizations. Many North-Americans companies rely on Savoir-faire Linux’s Infrastructure team to coach them and help them to leverage the power of this automated configuration management system.

Launching the Liferay intranet of  Walter Technologies at Savoir-faire Linux

Recently we have achieved a major integration of the Liferay Web Portal for Walter, a leader in metal working and cutting tools which has been providing for more than 50 years a range of high performance environmental products and solutions for the metal industry. Listen to César Strafile, the project leader, explaining the problem that the company faced and what he thinks of the solution provided by Savoir-faire Linux.

Les sous-titres sont disponibles ⇗  cc  ⇗ Subtitles are available

Powered by Liferay, the multilingual intranet of this international corporation serves hundreds of employees and partners from 7 countries in five languages.

Pr Placide Poba-NzaouProfessor of Information Systems and Human Resources Management at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) Placide Poba-Nzaou will introduce the OpenERP event of the year in Canada next week by providing an overview of his latest research to be published and presented at the 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems in Chicago (AMCIS 2013): « Barriers to Mission-Critical Open Source Software Adoption by Organizations: A Provider Perspective ».

Mission critical Open Source Software (OSS) adoption by organizations is relatively new and the research field related to the issue is new as well. The research team used the Delphi method to investigate barriers to mission-critical OSS adoption as perceived by two panels of experienced providers in France (n= 18) and in Quebec, Canada (n= 11). On average, panelists had 15 years of experience in the software industry including 9 years with open source software. By comparing the barriers selected by each group, zones of concordance and discordance were identified. Finally, the open source adoption literature is complemented by adding new insights to the existing body of knowledge dominated by client perspective alone.

Starting at 1:00 PM this scientific presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with Pr Poba-Nzaou, Marc Laporte (COO of OpenERP) and Christophe Villemer (CEO of Savoir-faire Linux) starting the actual OpenERP Business Model and Partnership Program seminar. Space is limited so please book your seat promptly in order to attend this great event of shared learning and business networking around Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning.

Detailed schedule and free registration on Eventbrite