Savoir-faire Linux, Best Odoo Partner of Americas!

Savoir-faire Linux’ Odoo team (formerly OpenERP) learned yesterday, with a great deal of pride, she had won the Best Odoo Partner Award for the Americas. Three of our colleagues (Maxime Chambreuil, Pierre Lamarche, and Sandy Carter) were present in Louvain, near Brussels, where they participated in OpenDays 2014 this week. They will brink this award back in their luggage early next week. 😉


This award is further recognition of our technical expertise and our involvement in the Odoo community. The same day, Maxime was elected as Vice-President of the Odoo Community Association alongside Joël Grand-Guillaume (from Camptocamp) who was elected president.

As for Pierre Lamarche, which received the Odoo v7 certification recently (and after our colleague Marc Cassuto), he obtained the highest score of the PoS Workshop one day before. 🙂

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