New major release : SFLphone 1.4.0

sflphone - The free software enterprise-class softphone for GNU/Linux

The SFLphone SIP/AIX2 client for Linux development team is proud to announce the release of SFLphone 1.4.0. Following is a summary of the main release notes of this version.

Video is here

Among the many changes and improvements, the video implementation has been deeply reworked to be much more robust against a variety of conditions and make the configuration more flexible. It is also now possible to stream a variety of video or image file types and to share your screen during a call.

Audio improvements

Other major features include support for the JACK audio system, widely used across the professional audio industry.
Thanks to improvements in audio buffering, latency and resampling, audio quality is noticeably better as well.



  • Jack support
  • Video support by default
  • Ability to share screen
  • Ability to stream videos, images and text files
  • Support GnuTLS as an alternative to OpenSSL
  • Persistent camera configuration (per device)
  • Switch video sources during a call
  • Enable or disable video per account
  • Packet loss concealment
  • RTCP support
  • Builds with clang

KDE client

  • Now a fully featured contact manager
    • Add, edit and manage contact sources
    • Delete contacts from the interface
    • Attach contact sources to auto completion or presence tracker
  • Basic video effects like rotate and enforce aspect ratio
  • Video full screen mode

Gnome client

  • Single-window video
  • New icons
  • Partial validation for SSL certificates