Historic Agreement between Red Hat and Microsoft

Red-Hat and Microsoft logosAfter months of negotiation, the Red Hat Microsoft cloud partnership was announced on November 4th. This agreement of historic proportions heralds radical changes in the global computing ecosystem. It will have significant impacts on many organizations in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

This partnership deals with two important elements:

Public cloud with Azure

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud hosting platform will receive over the coming months Red Hat certifications authorizing the provision of supported versions of the open source global leader’s products (Certified Cloud and Service Provider). All of Red Hat environments will be ported to Azure — Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat JBoss Web Server, Red Hat Gluster Storage, OpenShift, and so on. In practical terms, thanks to the Red Hat Cloud Access program, Red Hat users will have the option of using and/or migrating their subscriptions to Microsoft’s public Cloud hosting platform.

.NET Software Framework

The .NET framework whose code has been opened by Microsoft a few months ago will be accessible through the Red Hat offer — in particular, through Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Hybrid Cloud For Heterogeneous Environments

During the formalization of this partnership, both American companies have stated that they want to promote Red Hat Enterprise Linux as “the preferred choice for enterprise Linux workloads on Microsoft Azure”. More generally, both organizations announced that they will work together to develop an hybrid open source cloud computing offer. In respect to users and client companies the objective is clear: to enable Windows and Linux private infrastructures to migrate smoothly on Microsoft’s public cloud.

This historic announcement adds to important underlying trends in the industry. Four weeks ago, Apple announced that it was dropping esXi VMware virtualization and moving from there to KVM and an OpenStack environment. Apple also announced earlier this year it had moved to the open source Mesos platform its smartphone intelligent assistant service.

Microsoft, Apple but also Cisco, EMC, and Oracle — companies that have not always supported open source, if the did not fight it — are gradually embracing open technologies. Here is another proof that open source is becoming the standard for information technology and innovation. This is probably a major generational change. It remains to be seen how long this will take large and medium size companies — especially in Quebec — to follow this evolution and take advantage of its benefits. Time will tell.

Savoir-faire Linux Announces New Gold Sponsorship at Liferay North America Symposium 2015

Liferay logoLogo Savoir-faire Linux

Leading open-source technology event will showcase Savoir-faire Linux’s expertise and advanced services in Chicago

Montreal, QC – October 29, 2015 – Savoir-faire Linux Inc., an outstanding team of 110 Free Software consultants and Liferay certified developers based in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto & Paris, announced today its participation as a Gold Sponsor at this year’s Liferay Symposium North America.

Hosted by Liferay, Inc., the world’s leading open-source portal provider, the Liferay Symposium North America will take place from November 16 to 17 in Chicago. This premier event for Liferay’s business and technical users and developers in North America will include two days of expert sessions, hands-on workshops, networking opportunities, access to Liferay’s top executives and architects, and keynotes from open-source community leaders.

Savoir-faire Linux is proud to be once again a Gold Sponsor at the Liferay Symposium North America,” said Christophe Villemer, Executive Vice-President of the Canadian company. “We look forward to meeting other Liferay enthusiasts and to supporting some of our canadian customers to this major event.” Savoir-faire Linux has won a Liferay Community Excellence Award four years in a row, from 2011 to 2014. “Given our contribution to the success of our clients with large-scale Liferay projects in industries such as finance, education and manufacturing, we hope to bring back home another one this year”, added Christophe Villemer.

We have a lot to share to the Liferay community about our strong devops expertise in complex infrastructure management and automation,” said Sven Werlen, Vice-President – Enterprise Solutions, at Savoir-faire Linux. “We excel in assembling free software bricks and legacy components that cannot be replaced easily. We demonstrate at the Symposium how easily new environments can be deployed and configured to meet your agility and speed to market requirements.

We are happy to have Savoir-faire Linux join us again at this year’s Liferay Symposium North America.” said Brian Kim, Chief Operating Officer for Liferay in conclusion. “Our partners play an important role in Liferay’s success and having this great team at our event brings added value to our attendees looking to meet the industry’s top-level enterprise technology vendors.

Liferay Symposium Gold SponsorTo learn more about the Liferay Symposium North America and to register, visit the event website.

To learn more on the Liferay expertise of Savoir-faire Linux, visit our website. Photographs of previous symposiums are published under a Creative Commons BY license (credit only) on our photo gallery on Flickr.

Research : UQAM adresses technical challenges raised by the Ring project

At the leading edge of innovation, the Ring project — a secure and distributed voice, video and chat communication platform — paves the way for complex theoretical challenges. Through a research agreement, Savoir-faire Linux and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) collaborate to improve the data persistence and indexation in its underlying distributed hash table software library, OpenDHT.

Blue brain design

With the financial support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), a group of IT students at UQAM are modeling the problems raised by the high technicality of Ring, and implementing robust codes to resolve them. As the research can lead to innovative solutions, Professor Alexandre Blondin Massé who is in charge of the project, is planning to publish the results within the next year.

Already conclusive results: enabling data persistence and reliable data stored for a limited time on the DHT network

Simon Désaulniers is now completing a Bachelor of Computer Science. He has just modeled and implemented a solution to store data for a limited time on the DHT network. With this progress, the users of Ring will soon access messages that are sent to them while they are not connected. This new process makes sure that each message is encrypted when it is stored and intact when it is received.

A major challenge: Solving the DHT Indexation by data research from any related element

Graduate and PhD students seek to resolve the question of DHT Indexation. To contact a Ring user, it is necessary to know his 40-character ID. The DHT indexation will allow users to look for another user’s Ring ID through information he has made public such as his name or a public alias, while preserving his anonymity. Wondering how it’s possible? Marco Rebado, Sylvain Labranche and Simon Désaulniers are precisely devising a solution. In the meantime, feel free to communicate confidentially with Ring!


Savoir-faire Linux and Microsoft Canada announce a close partnership in the open source field

Logo MicrosoftLogo Savoir-faire Linux

Montreal, October 5th, 2015 – Becoming the first “Microsoft Open Source Partner” in Canada, Savoir-faire Linux, a leader in Free software and open source technologies, is strengthening its ties with Microsoft Canada to best meet the needs of organizations. Both companies have concluded this week in Toronto, a close partnership in this field.

The Microsoft Open Source Partner program is a new global program at Microsoft and we are very excited to have Savoir-faire Linux as our first partner in Canada”, said Keith Loo, Open Source Lead at Microsoft Canada. “Open Source Software is a critical part of Microsoft’s business, and it is important that we partner with and learn from partners such as Savoir-faire Linux. This program will ensure that we can continue improving and supporting our customers’ cross-platform needs, and with this partnership we can bring the best of both OSS and cloud.”

The work done by our experts in software engineering is remarkable and I am delighted to be involved in this new partnership,” said Cyrille Beraud, president of Savoir-faire Linux. “The Azure cloud platform has become essential and free software developers communities can no longer ignore it. We want to send a very strong message to our clients — if we are sometimes competitors on the market, we are partners when the time comes to serve our customers and to provide together the best services and the most appropriate solutions to their needs.

The new partnership will allow Savoir-faire Linux, which acquired the Silver Microsoft Cloud Platform competency to provide its customers with highly skilled and certified experts that can work on Microsft’s Azure cloud computing platform and perfectly integrate open source components. It will allow Microsoft to strengthen its strong strategy towards open source developers communities and enable customers to benefit from a rigorous integration of the best existing free software in the market.

There are several cloud offers such as Azure and OpenStack for private deployment or OVH for the pure data center field,” says Jonathan Le Lous, Vice-President, Business Development – Cloud and Infrastructure, at Savoir-faire Linux. “We believe these offerings complement and hybridize. Each one is relevant to actual needs and constraints. So I’m excited to work with Microsoft for a greater use of innovative and flexible open technologies in the business community – both in existing Microsoft environments and on the Azure cloud platform.

This is a new era at Microsoft,” concluded Adi Morun, Azure Product Manager at Microsoft Canada. “We are truly committed in creating the most Complete and Open Cloud! You can see it in so many of our recent investments, our partnerships and our offerings. In fact more than 20% of our virtual machines in Azure run on Linux. This partnership is extremely exciting as we continue to embrace the fantastic Open Source community in Canada!

Odoo Community Association: First General Assembly on June 5th in Louvain

Odoo Community Association▸ Read this press release in: FR | ES | PT | NL

Following the recent announcements made by OpenERP SA, now renamed Odoo, the OpenERP Community Association has decided to rename itself into the “Odoo Community Association” (odoo-community-association.org) and to move its activities from Launchpad to GitHub.

OCA Mission

The OCA mission is to support the collaborative development of the Odoo features, and to promote the widespread use of Odoo by :

  • Helping and promoting the collaborative software development of Odoo;
  • Encouraging the development of Odoo and its features while coordinating and organizing the collaborative work on the software;
  • Assisting the community while defending its interests and the sustainability of its developments;
  • Promoting the use of the Odoo solution;
  • Facilitating synergies, collaborations and fund raising efforts;
  • Actively collaborating on the definition of the roadmaps of new versions of the tool and their implementation.

First OCA General Assembly

During the OpenDays 2014, the first general assembly of charter members will be held on June the 5th at 5:50pm in Hocaille room.

  • The first step to joining the general assembly is by filling the form at http://sflx.ca/ocaga
  • By joining the OCA as a member before the OpenDays, you will make yourself eligible to become a charter member, apply to the first board and elect it.

For more details regarding OCA membership, please visit our web site.

Make your voice heard

The OCA is willing to get your feedbacks and ideas to represent your interests in our next meeting with Odoo. Please fill in the survey available at http://ow.ly/x8n1E

About the OCA

The Odoo Community Association, or OCA, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of the Odoo features, and to promote the widespread use of Odoo. The association provides financial, organizational and legal support to the broader Odoo Open Source community. It also serves as an independent legal entity to which community members can contribute the code, the funding and other resources, with the knowledge that their contributions will be maintained for public benefit.

▸ More info on odoo-community-association.org
▸ For any questions, please contact oca-board AT lists.launchpad DOT net

OpenERP becomes Odoo

odooBig news from Grand-Rosière, Belgium, this morning:

OpenERP is moving into new territories, beyond ERP. Over the past weeks, we released an open source CMS, a disruptive eCommerce and a Business Intelligence engine. Integrating your sales floor with inventory, accounting and manufacturing plant is one thing. But we think modern companies deserve more than this.

Great companies should integrate all their sales channels: point of sale, eCommerce, inbound sales. Great companies need to have strong inbound marketing activities linked to a 360° reporting engine and to their CRM. Great companies need their project management application linked to their timesheets, financial and accounting applications.

With 3.000+ apps, OpenERP is unique. No other product allows such a level of integration out-of-the-box. For these reasons we think it’s time to differentiate OpenERP from traditional ERP players. There is no comparison anymore.

So, we renamed the product and company into “Odoo”.

Read more on odoo.com

Savoir-faire Linux becomes OpenERP Gold Partner in Canada


Learn more about OpenERP’s advanced features and value-added services provided by Savoir-faire Linux!

Montreal, April 22, 2014 – We are excited to announce that Savoir-faire Linux has been promoted by OpenERP to Gold Partner status. OpenERP is is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and a great platform for the development of business applications.This promotion demonstrates the raising adoption of OpenERP in North America.

As an OpenERP partner since 2012 and a contributor of the Canadian localization, Savoir-faire Linux has built a solid team of 20 consultants dedicated to help organizations implementing OpenERP with hosting, training, consulting, development and support services.

Becoming an OpenERP Gold Partner is a great achievement made possible by our customers, our continuing effort with the OpenERP community, and our strong relationship with Igor Cardoso, our Account Manager at OpenERP”, states Maxime Chambreuil, OpenERP Practice Leader at Savoir-faire Linux. “It also demonstrates our involvement and support to OpenERP.”

Savoir-faire Linux is a safe choice for companies looking for an OpenERP integrator in Canada considering their 100+ employees specialized not only on OpenERP, but also on industrial, infrastructure, and enterprise soluions“, says Igor Cardoso. “In addition, they have one of the worldwide Top 3 OpenERP Certified Professional in 2013 in their team.

For small businesses, home offices, national or international organizations, Savoir-faire Linux is the place to go to adapt your OpenERP-based solution to your needs, your budget and your deadline.

For more information, please contact Savoir-faire Linux: savoirfairelinux.com/solutions/en/openerp


OpenERP is one of the leading Open Source ERP platforms that cater to multiple customer segments and industry verticals. OpenERP is supported by an active community that has over 400+ partners, 1500 developers and has customers in over 70 countries.


Savoir-faire Linux is the leading Free/Open-Source Software company in Quebec and Canada. Since 1999, the company has developed a unique expertise which it supplies to companies and public organizations to meet the challenges of information systems in constant evolution. With a multidisciplinary team of 100 consultants in 2014, Savoir-faire Linux delivers services to a customer base of over 500 organizations, including Quebec and Canadian government organizations, major international agencies, industry giants, and SMEs/ SMIs. Silver member of the prestigious Linux Foundation and ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certified, Savoir-faire Linux has a strong presence in the Free Software community.

Savoir-faire Linux and French publisher Bluemind sign partnership agreement

Under the agreement, Quebec based Savoirfaire-Linux will distribute the innovative collaboration and unified messaging solution within Canada.

BlueMind Premium Partner

Learn more about BlueMind’s advanced features and value-added services provided by Savoir-faire Linux!

Montreal, February 13, 2014 – With the annoucement of the release of BlueMind Version 3.0 collaboration suite this week BlueMind has also announced the signing of a Partnership Agreement with Quebec based Savoir-faire Linux. Under the agreement Savoir-faire Linux will act as distributor for the innovative and affordable open source collaboration solution. Savoir-faire Linux is well positioned to grow and develop the market for BlueMind by being the established Canadian leader within the Free Software industry.

BlueMind is an open source solution of messaging, calendaring, contact management and collaboration of new generation. It stands out from competing solutions by clean ergonomics and a modern and open architecture. As a matter of fact, BlueMind received the Open Innovation Award at the Open World Forum 2012.

In Europe, BlueMind quickly attracted many customers among businesses of all sizes, government, and higher education institutions, particularly in France. “In a short time, we have developed a strong ecosystem around our solution and it has skyrocketed. Now we want to build an international network of partners wishing to offer their customers a collaborative messaging solution alternative to Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail or Lotus Domino that is credible, economical and mature,” explains BlueMind CEO Pierre Baudracco.

Last November, the company announced a dozen new partnership agreements, including one with Savoir-faire Linux for Canada. “Blue Mind intelligently focuses on its core business, that is, writing the best possible software,” explains Savoir-faire Linux president Cyrille Béraud. As a major partner and integrator of open source software, our role is to develop local expertise and to provide our customers with business contacts, professional services, technical assistance and training.” The partnership agreement also provides for the establishment of a national ecosystem of BlueMind partners that Savoir-faire Linux will help develop over the years to come.

Savoir-faire Linux and BlueMind will jointly present a series of public seminars about the platform in Montreal on April 22, and at the CSPQ Vitrine technologique on April 23 in Quebec City.


Based near Toulouse, France, Blue Mind is the editor of the Open Source collaborative messaging solution BlueMind. First released in 2012, BlueMind aims to offer a valid, world-class, innovative and mature alternative to traditional enterprise and cloud-based messaging solutions. Developed by a team of enterprise messaging experts, the BlueMind software comes in a single open source version downloadable for free. Most organisations take advantage of the BlueMind Professional Solution subscription (product guarantee and editor support) and of services offered by the authorized partners network (intégrators, cloud operators and VAR). With its many functional features and low TCO, BlueMind quickly makes her mark, especially in French governments and public institutions.


Savoir-faire Linux is the leading Free/Open-Source Software company in Quebec and Canada. Since 1999, the company has developed a unique expertise which it supplies to companies and public organizations to meet the challenges of information systems in constant evolution. With a multidisciplinary team of nearly 80 consultants in 2013, Savoir-faire Linux delivers services to a customer base of over 500 organizations, including Quebec and Canadian government organizations, major international agencies, industry giants, and SMEs/ SMIs. Silver member of the prestigious Linux Foundation and ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certified, Savoir-faire Linux has a strong presence in the Free Software community.

Launching The OpenERP Community Association

oerpcommunity-logoFive major OpenERP community and business partners have launched this week the OpenERP Community Association, or OCA, a not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland whose mission is to support the collaborative development of OpenERP features, and promote its widespread use. As one of the major North-American partners and contributors of OpenERP, Savoir-faire Linux is naturally one of them.

A Provider Perspective on Mission-Critical Open Source Software Adoption by Organizations

Pr Placide Poba-NzaouProfessor of Information Systems and Human Resources Management at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM) Placide Poba-Nzaou will introduce the OpenERP event of the year in Canada next week by providing an overview of his latest research to be published and presented at the 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems in Chicago (AMCIS 2013): “Barriers to Mission-Critical Open Source Software Adoption by Organizations: A Provider Perspective”.

Mission critical Open Source Software (OSS) adoption by organizations is relatively new and the research field related to the issue is new as well. The research team used the Delphi method to investigate barriers to mission-critical OSS adoption as perceived by two panels of experienced providers in France (n= 18) and in Quebec, Canada (n= 11). On average, panelists had 15 years of experience in the software industry including 9 years with open source software. By comparing the barriers selected by each group, zones of concordance and discordance were identified. Finally, the open source adoption literature is complemented by adding new insights to the existing body of knowledge dominated by client perspective alone.

Starting at 1:00 PM this scientific presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with Pr Poba-Nzaou, Marc Laporte (COO of OpenERP) and Christophe Villemer (CEO of Savoir-faire Linux) starting the actual OpenERP Business Model and Partnership Program seminar. Space is limited so please book your seat promptly in order to attend this great event of shared learning and business networking around Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning.

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