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Savoir-faire Linux and Microsoft Canada announce a close partnership in the open source field



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Montreal, October 5th, 2015 – Becoming the first “Microsoft Open Source Partner” in Canada, Savoir-faire Linux, a leader in Free software and open source technologies, is strengthening its ties with Microsoft Canada to best meet the needs of organizations. Both companies have concluded this week in Toronto, a close partnership in this field.

The Microsoft Open Source Partner program is a new global program at Microsoft and we are very excited to have Savoir-faire Linux as our first partner in Canada”, said Keith Loo, Open Source Lead at Microsoft Canada. “Open Source Software is a critical part of Microsoft’s business, and it is important that we partner with and learn from partners such as Savoir-faire Linux. This program will ensure that we can continue improving and supporting our customers’ cross-platform needs, and with this partnership we can bring the best of both OSS and cloud.”

The work done by our experts in software engineering is remarkable and I am delighted to be involved in this new partnership,” said Cyrille Beraud, president of Savoir-faire Linux. “The Azure cloud platform has become essential and free software developers communities can no longer ignore it. We want to send a very strong message to our clients — if we are sometimes competitors on the market, we are partners when the time comes to serve our customers and to provide together the best services and the most appropriate solutions to their needs.

The new partnership will allow Savoir-faire Linux, which acquired the Silver Microsoft Cloud Platform competency to provide its customers with highly skilled and certified experts that can work on Microsft’s Azure cloud computing platform and perfectly integrate open source components. It will allow Microsoft to strengthen its strong strategy towards open source developers communities and enable customers to benefit from a rigorous integration of the best existing free software in the market.

There are several cloud offers such as Azure and OpenStack for private deployment or OVH for the pure data center field,” says Jonathan Le Lous, Vice-President, Business Development – Cloud and Infrastructure, at Savoir-faire Linux. “We believe these offerings complement and hybridize. Each one is relevant to actual needs and constraints. So I’m excited to work with Microsoft for a greater use of innovative and flexible open technologies in the business community – both in existing Microsoft environments and on the Azure cloud platform.

This is a new era at Microsoft,” concluded Adi Morun, Azure Product Manager at Microsoft Canada. “We are truly committed in creating the most Complete and Open Cloud! You can see it in so many of our recent investments, our partnerships and our offerings. In fact more than 20% of our virtual machines in Azure run on Linux. This partnership is extremely exciting as we continue to embrace the fantastic Open Source community in Canada!

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