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Showcasing DevOps at the Liferay North America Symposium

Liferay Symposium Gold SponsorSven Werlen will demo our automated Liferay deployment tools at the Liferay North America Symposium 2015 which will be held in Chicago on November 16-17th. With these tools, you just need to push a button to mount a VM with the full stack of a complete Liferay environment based on JBoss, including a front-end server, an indexation and search server, and so on. So if you get a chance to stop at the Savoir-faire Linux booth, don’t miss this demo.

The Liferay North American Symposium is the largest gathering of Liferay developers, integrators, customers ans users of the year. A number of our clients will be there. For the six year in a row, the open source portal leader ranks at the top of the famous Gartner Magic Quadrant and its effectiveness is proven. As a matter of fact, this great momentum relies largely on the expertise and motivation of a vibrant community.

The positioning of Savoir-faire Linux in this ecosystem is quite unique. We are both a Red Hat Advanced Partner and a Liferay Platinum Partner. Both technology leaders have announced earlier this year a strategic collaboration agreement that makes Red Hat’s JBoss platform the middleware of choice for Liferay production. Having privileged access to their resources, and with our teams of developers and system administrators certified by those two editors, we are able to mobilize powerful Java, Web, DevOps and cloud computing expertises to work on our clients’ projects. This is how we developed sophisticated methodologies for Liferay integration and development as well as Liferay deployment and maintenance.

As a Gold Sponsor of this symposium we are looking forward seeing our clients, peers and friends, and to greeting visitors at our booth in order to share with them the little tricks of our DevOps tools. And, who knows, since we had the honour of receiving a Liferay Community Excellence Award every year since 2011, we remain hopeful to bring a fifth one home this year! 😉

Gold Sponsor since 2012

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