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Savoir-faire Linux and French publisher Bluemind sign partnership agreement



Under the agreement, Quebec based Savoirfaire-Linux will distribute the innovative collaboration and unified messaging solution within Canada.

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Montreal, February 13, 2014 – With the annoucement of the release of BlueMind Version 3.0 collaboration suite this week BlueMind has also announced the signing of a Partnership Agreement with Quebec based Savoir-faire Linux. Under the agreement Savoir-faire Linux will act as distributor for the innovative and affordable open source collaboration solution. Savoir-faire Linux is well positioned to grow and develop the market for BlueMind by being the established Canadian leader within the Free Software industry.

BlueMind is an open source solution of messaging, calendaring, contact management and collaboration of new generation. It stands out from competing solutions by clean ergonomics and a modern and open architecture. As a matter of fact, BlueMind received the Open Innovation Award at the Open World Forum 2012.

In Europe, BlueMind quickly attracted many customers among businesses of all sizes, government, and higher education institutions, particularly in France. “In a short time, we have developed a strong ecosystem around our solution and it has skyrocketed. Now we want to build an international network of partners wishing to offer their customers a collaborative messaging solution alternative to Microsoft Exchange, Google Mail or Lotus Domino that is credible, economical and mature,” explains BlueMind CEO Pierre Baudracco.

Last November, the company announced a dozen new partnership agreements, including one with Savoir-faire Linux for Canada. “Blue Mind intelligently focuses on its core business, that is, writing the best possible software,” explains Savoir-faire Linux president Cyrille Béraud. As a major partner and integrator of open source software, our role is to develop local expertise and to provide our customers with business contacts, professional services, technical assistance and training.” The partnership agreement also provides for the establishment of a national ecosystem of BlueMind partners that Savoir-faire Linux will help develop over the years to come.

Savoir-faire Linux and BlueMind will jointly present a series of public seminars about the platform in Montreal on April 22, and at the CSPQ Vitrine technologique on April 23 in Quebec City.


Based near Toulouse, France, Blue Mind is the editor of the Open Source collaborative messaging solution BlueMind. First released in 2012, BlueMind aims to offer a valid, world-class, innovative and mature alternative to traditional enterprise and cloud-based messaging solutions. Developed by a team of enterprise messaging experts, the BlueMind software comes in a single open source version downloadable for free. Most organisations take advantage of the BlueMind Professional Solution subscription (product guarantee and editor support) and of services offered by the authorized partners network (intégrators, cloud operators and VAR). With its many functional features and low TCO, BlueMind quickly makes her mark, especially in French governments and public institutions.


Savoir-faire Linux is the leading Free/Open-Source Software company in Quebec and Canada. Since 1999, the company has developed a unique expertise which it supplies to companies and public organizations to meet the challenges of information systems in constant evolution. With a multidisciplinary team of nearly 80 consultants in 2013, Savoir-faire Linux delivers services to a customer base of over 500 organizations, including Quebec and Canadian government organizations, major international agencies, industry giants, and SMEs/ SMIs. Silver member of the prestigious Linux Foundation and ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certified, Savoir-faire Linux has a strong presence in the Free Software community.

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