Say Hello to Ring ― Ultimate Privacy and Control for your Voice, Video and Chat Communications

Joint the Ring!I am very excited about an initiative that we are spearheading at Savoir-faire Linux which takes aim at the secure communication market. The major issue at large is that you cannot have privacy when there is a centralized server or service which can monitor and measure your communication with others – Big Brother is always watching. The solutions on the market today require that you connect via their service so that they can define a revenue model such as selling advertising or charging usage fees.

Being true to our roots of supporting and developing free software, SFL is developing a communication platform that requires no centralized server to communicate and this leave the power of privacy in the hands of the user.

By adopting the same technology that is used by popular Torrent networks – Distributed Hash Tables (DHT) – the platform creates its own secure network over the Internet by which it can distribute directory functions, authentication and encryption across all systems connected to it – we call it Ring.

So maybe you are asking yourself now:

Okay, it sounds cool but what does that mean for me?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages:

  • There is no centralised server so no one can track you and the service can never go down
  • You control whom you give your ID key to – without knowing your key there is no way to reach you
  • Its free – as in no charge and also as in GPL
  • It doesn’t require any configuration setup and no password
  • It is all encrypted – communication is point to point encrypted for chat, video conference and voice calling up to AES128
  • It is available on multiple platforms – Linux, Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, and potentially more

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Richard McGravie

Richard was Director of Industrial Solutions at Savoir-faire Linux from February 2013 to July 2015. A long term advocate of Open Source, Richard has been active in the communities of Asterisk and OpenWrt. Developing custom solutions for the aviation, video conferencing and enterprise markets, he had several patents issued in his name. [Linkedin]

One thought on “Say Hello to Ring ― Ultimate Privacy and Control for your Voice, Video and Chat Communications”

  1. Sounds good, and I have the desktop Icon…
    Guess I’ll now need to see how to use it…?
    Several government and private hackers have been fooling with my coms for years.
    So…your system/idea will get tested.

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