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Ring Bêta 2 is now available




Ring, a GNU projet, is improving. Test the Gaston Miron version now! Distributed under license GPLv3, Ring is available on GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac/OSX, Android and soon on iOS and UWP (Universal Windows Platform).
Among the latest features in the beta 2 version, you will find:

  • A global account identification mechanism based on blockchain implementation on an Ethereum technology.
  •  Multi-device
  •  IPv6 support

Compatibility break

All users are invited to go to beta 2 due to a compatability break with the older version. Ring will handle the migration very easily.
Ring as a communication platform can be used to develop various projects: videoconferencing and distributed collaboration, IoT or robotics !

An active development process

We are continuously  improving Ring, in order to offer the best of communication to its clients. The software is in the active development phase and we invite the Free Software community to take part in this audacious project. All new ideas are welcomed to help its evolution.

  1. Hi,

    I have a query related with the comment above. Please, could you tell us if there will still be compatibility with distros based on trusty version (14.04)?

    As probably some of us as noticed by now, our repository has been broken.

    Thank you so much for all your work. It’s a fantastic app!



  2. After upgrading to Ring Beta 2 on MacOS X 10.12.2 beta1 today my account was migrated. A few moments later the client crashed and deleted my setup. No idea how to restore my id/account.

    1. Same here, quite annoying, I’d like to re-use my username but I am not able to. Maybe add a way to delete the account?

  3. When I start Ring, it tells me that I need to migrate my account. However, I have already done this in the past. Every time I try to do it again, it just gives me the message:

    “Migrating account…”, then “Failed to migrate account. Try again.”

    Seems that I can’t do anything further and Ring is now useless.

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