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What’s new? We’re happy to announce the release of v2.5.0, which includes a few new features as well as quality-of-life improvements and minor bug fixes. Here is the change log: Add Yocto variables renaming across a recipe file Add code suggestions for SRC_URI local files Add code suggestions for recipe names in variables (DEPENDS, RDEPENDS, […]

Savoir-faire Linux is proud to announce the v2.2.0 release of the official Yocto Project extension for VS Code. These developments were carried out as part of the investment provided by the Sovereign Tech Fund to the Yocto Project to improves the long-term sustainability of the project by attracting a new generation of developers. The changelog […]

The Yocto Project’s Five-Year Plan The Yocto Project is one of the most successful technologies to build reliable industrial-grade embedded Linux distributions. In order for the project to keep growing, the Sovereign Tech Fund has decided on a Five-Year Plan that shapes its stability and attractiveness for the years to come. These developments were carried […]

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