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Recently, our ‘AI Robotics Programming’ Team has delivered a proof-of-concept robot used to explore and map unknown industrial and residential spaces while identifying floor types. The robot (with the exception of its Roomba chassis) is fully built from open-source (OS) hardware and software components. The result is an elegant blend of genetic algorithms and neural […]

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Ring’s software is as mobile and dynamic as its team! While the beta version will be announced soon (follow the news about Ring!), three of our developers will be heading to Boston and Singapore from March 19th to 20th, to take part in two major events in the world of free software: Libre Planet and […]

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Je me suis intéressé à la façon dont les auteurs ont décidé d’implémenter le support RS-485, nécessairement du côté pilote, ce support remontant tout juste à la mi-août. Puis, j’ai trouvé un petit bogue de performance qui concerne les fins de transmissions qui représentent une étape cruciale dans l’implémentation du protocole RS-485. J’ai donc soumis un correctif au noyau de Linux; il a été accepté la semaine passée.

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