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Connected Devices and Product Engineering

Recently, our ‘AI Robotics Programming’ Team has delivered a proof-of-concept robot used to explore and map unknown industrial and residential spaces while identifying floor types. The robot (with the exception of its Roomba chassis) is fully built from open-source (OS) hardware and software components. The result is an elegant blend of genetic algorithms and neural […]

19 Jul. 2018 Reading from 3 minutes.

                            Savoir-faire Linux participated at the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)’s BootCamp 2017 having the overarching topic of Media in the IP Era. This bootcamp was organized by the Montreal SMPTE Committee including the main actor, CBC (Radio-Canada), and […]

26 Jul. 2017 Reading from 3 minutes.

Savoir-faire Linux sent one of its experts, Julien Grossholtz, to Myanmar to teach a Linux training course at a young company specialized in industrial equipment. Learn about his testimony and his discovery of this enigmatic and picturesque country. I traveled to Myanmar to teach a course on Embedded Linux, my specialty, to our client, Amber Star […]

18 May. 2017 Reading from 3 minutes.
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                    May 16th, 2017 – Savoir-faire Linux, a Canadian leader in Open Source technologies and Free Software, and Technologic Systems, an American embedded solutions company, are pleased to announce the completion of a one-year partnership agreement in order to provide mutual support on technological and marketing levels. This […]

16 May. 2017 Reading from 4 minutes.
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The Product Engineering team of Savoir-faire Linux, along with the colleagues working on the Ring project, expanded into a new office. But they had a problem: at lunchtime, the sandwich delivery guy needed to pound on the door to get someone to let him in. Being hackers, the team realized that they actually could use […]

4 May. 2017 Reading from 5 minutes.
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It was during a discussion with my colleagues that Emeric Vigier pointed to me a software called sigrok. This software suite allows extracting data collected by various types of analyzers and displaying them or analyzing them using protocol decoder plugins.

20 Nov. 2014 Reading from 8 minutes.
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Je me suis intéressé à la façon dont les auteurs ont décidé d’implémenter le support RS-485, nécessairement du côté pilote, ce support remontant tout juste à la mi-août. Puis, j’ai trouvé un petit bogue de performance qui concerne les fins de transmissions qui représentent une étape cruciale dans l’implémentation du protocole RS-485. J’ai donc soumis un correctif au noyau de Linux; il a été accepté la semaine passée.

6 Nov. 2013 Reading from 7 minutes.
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Certains clients industriels pourraient être très intéressés par un BeagleBone supportant le standard de communication RS-485, en autant qu’on puisse garantir un délai de redressement très court. Nous avons donc récemment décidé d’investiguer cette possibilité…

15 Oct. 2013 Reading from 5 minutes.
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We have recently been looking at the Arrow Sockit ( which is a development board created by Arrow Electronics. The Sockit is a development board that centers around an new Altera chip which is a single chip with an ARM + Altera FPGA together and Arrow has partnered with Yocto to help support the Arm […]

13 Oct. 2013 Reading from 2 minutes.
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