Las Vegas, January 9, 2019 – Exhibiting at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Savoir-faire Linux, a Quebec-based consulting firm for more than 20 years and an expert in the free software industry in Canada, launches Jami, the universal and autonomous communication application. Aimed at the general public as […]

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Ring’s development team has important information about the project to share with the community. Reluctantly, after many months of hesitation, Ring becomes Jami. Indeed, at the moment, there are many commercial products (some with Ring-like features) protected by trademarks called Ring. This creates a lot of confusion for the users. We know that since we […]

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Push Notifications: A New Feature Added to Ring Project Push notifications are essential part of the effective end-user experience on mobile platforms. They tend to boost the app engagement and users find them useful and handy as they ease their communications. Although push notifications are widely considered an advantage for most apps, they are regarded […]

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On February 3rd and 4th, two members of Ring’s development team took part in FOSDEM 2018 in Brussels. FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting), a major event for free software developers, is held annually since 2000 during the first week-end of February at the Université libre de Bruxelles. Sébastien Blin, a Ring […]

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Ring keeps surprising communication experts and enthusiasts! Ring is now available on Android TV box and other smart TVs. Ring has become the only  communication software available on the Google Play Store for Android TVs, since the discontinuation of support for the TV version of Skype in June 2016. This new release is quite different […]

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July 21, 2017 – Savoir-faire Linux releases the stable version of Ring:  Ring 1.0 – Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. Ring is a free/libre and universal communication platform that preserves the users’ privacy and freedoms. It is a GNU package. It runs on multiple platforms; and, it can be used for texting, calls, and video chats more privately, more […]

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Discussions constructives avec l équipe de @SFLinux qui utilise Tuleap pour le projet #Ring. Merci! #OSSPARIS16 — Tuleap Agile & Libre (@TuleapOpenALM) 16 novembre 2016 Last November, our Ring development team met with Enalean’s. This company develops Tuleap, the software development project management tool we use for Ring. Here is the story of our […]

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Ring’s beta 2 version  is now available on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). It’s not only a great step forward for Ring, an official GNU package, but a technical success for our development team. This release of the beta 2 is the work of collaborative development between Savoir-faire Linux and the community of developers all […]

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Blockchain technology brings on a new revolution, as its advocates write on every wall, it is likely to deeply change our verticaly-shaped society.  Savoir-faire Linux uses its mechanism to develop Ring distributed ledger and users ID management. Blockchain is the technology on which Bitcoin is based. This digital cryptocurrency displays both fear and covetness among […]

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