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Recently, our ‘AI Robotics Programming’ Team has delivered a proof-of-concept robot used to explore and map unknown industrial and residential spaces while identifying floor types. The robot (with the exception of its Roomba chassis) is fully built from open-source (OS) hardware and software components. The result is an elegant blend of genetic algorithms and neural […]

19 Jul. 2018 Reading from 3 minutes.

Savoir-faire Linux participated in the tenth edition of DrupalCamp Montréal, which was held this year at Concordia University. It was the occasion to catch up with a good proportion of the Drupal developer community in Montreal, to exchange ideas with other companies that work with this technology, and to have an overview of how Drupal […]

26 Jun. 2018 Reading from 2 minutes.
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Special Edition on PyConCa 2017 This week, we attended PyCon Canada which started on November 18 and lasted through 21. We are also proud and happy that we played a role in sponsoring this dynamic event. In this Special Edition of Press Review Inno, you find articles from our SFLers who actively participated in the […]

24 Nov. 2017 Reading from 4 minutes.
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Mobility   Generic Protocols and Type Erasure in Swift By Thibault Wittemberg With Swift, you can define protocols by associating one or more generic types. These types are defined using the “associatedtype” keyword. The name “Generic Type” is a bit misused here. We should actually talk about a placeholder for a reserved type. Indeed, we will see that […]

17 Nov. 2017 Reading from 4 minutes.
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Design Atomic Design By Patrick Bracquart Since the early days of the web, we talk about what goes into creating a Web “page”. This term shows how our vision of the web was informed since the 90s: it came from an architecture that was structured as a series of documents, like if they were printed […]

10 Nov. 2017 Reading from 4 minutes.
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Web Development Node.js releases LTS of version 8.x By Jacob Cook The release schedule for Node.js provides for updates in long-term support (LTS) most every October, and this year will be no exception. Node.js offers developers a happy Halloween gift this year in transitioning its current version branch (8.x) to a stable LTS version. This means that […]

3 Nov. 2017 Reading from 2 minutes.
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Mobility RxSwift 4.0.0 Final Version Released! by Romain Bertozzi As mentioned in one of our last press reviews, we remain interested in and excited about new developments in the RxSwift project. The core developers pushing RxSwift forward have already released the fourth and most current version of it this past October 17 – i.e. RxSwift […]

27 Oct. 2017 Reading from 2 minutes.

Savoir-faire Linux’s Web & Mobile Development Team was at the DroidCon (@droidconNYC) in New  York on September 25th and 26th. DroidCon NYC is basically one of the biggest events on the planet fully dedicated to Android developers. During this two-day conference, more than 900 participants have been attending nearly 70 sessions on Android and its […]

24 Oct. 2017 Reading from 8 minutes.
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Web Development PyCon 2017 By Jacob Cook PyCon Canada is soon upon us, and the national Python conference of record will be held in Montreal this year, from November 18th to the 21st. As a software company well-anchored in the Python and Django communities in Montreal, Savoir-faire Linux will be sending a large contingent of […]

20 Oct. 2017 Reading from 3 minutes.
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