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A Match Made in Heaven: Savoir-faire Linux Forges a Strategic Partnership with Technologic Systems


Amir Taherizadeh


May 16th, 2017 – Savoir-faire Linux, a Canadian leader in Open Source technologies and Free Software, and Technologic Systems, an American embedded solutions company, are pleased to announce the completion of a one-year partnership agreement in order to provide mutual support on technological and marketing levels. This initiative reinforces and improves marketing of customer-focused solutions that combine the Linux expertise of  Savoir-faire Linux and the high-tech hardware components of Technologic Systems.

Both companies have been long collaborating together to offer a whole value chain solution to their clients. The indispensable symbiosis between hardware and software solutions in the digital economy is the main driver of their co-creations and technological collaborations. Having been successful in increasing their end-users’ satisfaction and operational performance, they now want to become more strategically engaged to even further augment the industry standards.

A Technologic Systems’ TS-7990 embedded system complete with capacitive touchscreen

For 33 years, Technologic Systems (Arizona, USA) has been creating world class physical computing objects in order to address a wide range of industrial needs. Technologic Systems has hundreds of commercial off the shelf products, and the ability to modify existing solutions, or design a completely custom embedded computer to meet and exceed customer requirements. A wide range of out-of-the-box Linux tools come to aide Technologic Systems’ vision of creating the whole customer solutions. Linux OS, Debian, Ubuntu Core and many more open source software platforms are strategically deployed on a wide range of embedded systems to cater to the customer’s particular application and requirements.

Our team of product engineering building a touchscreen intercom system: “Quick-Phone

However, to further ensure continuous support and quality excellence in providing open source solutions, Technologic Systems has drawn upon the deep expertise of Savoir-faire Linux (Montreal, Canada). For almost two decades, Savoir-faire Linux has been able to constantly create and share open source software knowledge through consultancy, design, architecture, and maintenance of a variety of information systems in the North American and European markets. The company, as a silver member of the Linux Foundation, is well-known for developing reliable and supported open source-based software solutions and has already forged strategic partnership with major open source players such as Red Hat, Liferay, and Odoo, to name a few. Being embedded in free/libre and open source communities such as Linux Kernel, Debian, FFmpeg, Buildroot, etc., the company knows the ‘ins and outs’ of many key open source technologies; and therefore is able to guarantee software stability and performance at a level unmatched by its competitors. Robert Miller, founder of Technologic Systems says,

“Since we provide embedded hardware for multiple industries and verticals, it would be almost impossible for us to provide application level support to all of our customers. Savoir-faire Linux is a fantastic partner in this regard as they are well suited to handle a variety of projects across a multitude of platforms. Savoir-faire Linux works seamlessly with the customer to bring their vision to life and bring the most out of our hardware in the process. They have consistently been great to work with at every level of engagement. We recommend them highly easily knowing that our customers will be in good hands.”

Thus, both companies together make a great match that ultimately benefit their end-users through having an access to a whole hardware-software solution that exceeds industry standards concerning performance, quality, reliability and continuous after sales support. This partnership is set to grow and mature into more technologically advanced collaborative R&D teams, and expanding each one’s market reach both in Canada as well as the USA.

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